Happy Monday

Today my inbox is crammed with the following:

Things that Artists Refuse to Do, How to Connect With Anyone, How to Be More Likable, and Skinny Advice. So, I guess someone thinks I’m unlikable, and a fat hermit…according to my search history.

An involuntary studio revamp is happening right now…as my shelving is on the verge of collapse. I must have been distra Ted when I put it up the first time.

A lot of people would kill to have an 11×11 ft room to work in but I feel cramped. There is a whole house across the driveway……


I often become overwhelmed with “choices” because I have a slight attention deficit issue so it helps me to keep momentum in the studio when I do quick painting exercises.

Sometimes these paint sketches turn into larger compositions and sometimes they get thrown into a box. Canvas board is cheap.

Happy Friday!

I am packing and repacking in preparation for a long overdue vacation. I’m heading to the beach with my girlfriends. No husbands allowed. Well, two of us don’t have husbands and don’t care.

My biggest challenge right now is making sure that I don’t over pack. I just want to have one bag to keep up with. Just. One.

I can do it!

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you spend this day in funtime pursuits, whatever they are. Most people take this whole week off if they can afford it. Some factories close down during this week for maintenance.

I totally forgot that July is watercolor month. Its probably #somethingelse month. I can’t keep up. I might post some watercolors this month. If I remember. Ha.

How to Celebrate World Watercolor Month

Simple. Just do a simple (or other) watercolor and post it online with hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth

Simple as that.

No Comment

I’ve had to shut down the comments section because of spam. Evidently people think it’s great to leave a billion links to random things in the comment section. For what reason I can’t imagine. Anyway.

Downtown Huntsville

I am going to be at the Art Walk downtown on the square tomorrow night. I hope there is a good turnout. We most definitely will not be there as early as we were last month. We got there early to set up three hours before it started, which made for a long night. But its always fun.

Getting loose

Trying for looser brush strokes. Being an illustrator for so many years made me admire the painterly brush strokes of others’ work.

If you like primitive art google images of artist Lucy Hunnicutt. Her work is marvelous. I painted her dog Birdy


There is a groundhog burrow under my studio. I’m not worried, its on a slab. I don’t like having one this close to the house so I am looking at non lethal remedies. I just want him/it to move elsewhere.

Life in the country. I need a good outside dog.