There is a groundhog burrow under my studio. I’m not worried, its on a slab. I don’t like having one this close to the house so I am looking at non lethal remedies. I just want him/it to move elsewhere.

Life in the country. I need a good outside dog.

Crank calls

Or…playing around with telemarketers…

Today it was some Asian guy from Microsoft. Allegedly. I have to say that for legal purposes.

My husband’s latest pastime is screwing with the robocallers. Since we’re “older” we get a lot of calls from people offering us deals on security systems and gadgets that call emergency services in case we fall and can’t get up.

What he does is put them on hold. He acts like he is going to get something. Today it was “Let me turn on my computer….”

The callers eventually hang up.

Hubby actually has called some back and put them on hold again. I told him to stop doing that. It’s actually illegal. Harassing Communications. Not that this is actionable.

This is what retirees do for fun. The ones who don’t have hobbies.

Saturday notes

I never feel alone. I have an adoring audience. Two pair of eyes on me all of the time….plus a husband lurking around somewhere. 

I still haven’t made the move to the big studio space across the drive and might not until fall. Waiting for a handyman to materialize is part of the equation. He did come fix some issues that had on the exterior of the building. I’m thankful for that. I might just do a lot of the inside work myself. I did the original work so it might be better if I do the remodel too. I had dreams of being more of an observer this time. Oh well. I can do it.