Oy! Social Media

I have been trying to write about a new social media app but autocorrect insists on changing the name at every input. I have autocorrect turned off, btw. Evidently that does not matter.

On to the topic…

An artist friend turned me on to a new app yesterday called V E R O .  Take out the spaces between the letters. My program wants to change it to “veto” and I can’t get it to stop. 

The app is in developmental stages and already there is bad press about it from “servers meltdown from traffic” to “it’s not going to last because it needs ad $ to support it and Facebook won’t let it”. 

Funny how any platform that doesn’t trot along with Google is immediately met with bad reviews. Of course this new platform is having meltdowns. It’s in the beta stages. And gee…we might end up with a platform that will actually give the artist what he/she wants and won’t suppress their web presence to demand $$$ for exposure.