Oy! Social Media

I have been trying to write about a new social media app but autocorrect insists on changing the name at every input. I have autocorrect turned off, btw. Evidently that does not matter.

On to the topic…

An artist friend turned me on to a new app yesterday called V E R O .  Take out the spaces between the letters. My program wants to change it to “veto” and I can’t get it to stop. 

The app is in developmental stages and already there is bad press about it from “servers meltdown from traffic” to “it’s not going to last because it needs ad $ to support it and Facebook won’t let it”. 

Funny how any platform that doesn’t trot along with Google is immediately met with bad reviews. Of course this new platform is having meltdowns. It’s in the beta stages. And gee…we might end up with a platform that will actually give the artist what he/she wants and won’t suppress their web presence to demand $$$ for exposure. 

Today’s Eclipse….

was not all that exciting after all. I didn’t even bother to try to find the special glasses. I know, I know I sound like a boring person. My tablet refuses to let me write (p-oo-per) even though I have turned off the spelling correction. -I absolutely hate this device- 

We have the best luck viewing the lunar eclipses in this location. I ambeing sarcastic. Clouds have blocked out every last lunar eclipse we have had for the last decade. So. I was not even going to get excited about a solar eclipse. I was more concerned about the *end of the world* rumors that were circulating (I live in the South). I would not have even given that a thought but I had to drive to Florence, AL to deliver a piece of art for a show. 

I stopped for a bite to eat during the *climax* of this event. It was a little dark as I was going into the restaurant…as in “approaching thunderstorm dark, not no sun dark”. People were going outside to take a look. I watched it on TV while I ate. 

As I was getting back into my vehicle to leave I decided to try taking a picture of it…aimed my camera to the sky without using the view finder….  Clouds. I got a great picture of clouds. 

Holiday Shopping

I would like to buy as many gifts 🎁🎁🎁for Christmas 🎄🎄🎄 from my friends as opposed to retail stores. It is easier, more convenient and fosters relationships. So why not? 

Whether it’s makeup👄, handbags👜, jewellery💍, candles🕯, kitchen gadgets🍽, or clothes👗, photography📷, art🖌 why not buy from those we know? Or anything else I’m forgetting!!

 I have a lot of friends who have their own businesses. We all have goals that we are trying to reach… paying off bills… saving up for something special…supporting our families as a full time job… Let’s all help each other out!

Let’s bring our businesses to others!

👏Support Small Businesses


What do artists do every day? BBC recorded a series of art documentaries devoted to this very subject a few years ago. I have been watching them on YouTube. I would post a link but I am using my tablet, which is a nightmare in itself. That I got this thing for free is the only redeeming quality….that and that I can use it in bed. 


“You miss more than you experience and that is not so bad” — Martin Brill

Of course you will miss things. There is no point in fretting about choices not taken or the like. Remembering things experienced in a positive light is the experience of a good life.