Holiday Shopping

I would like to buy as many gifts 🎁🎁🎁for Christmas 🎄🎄🎄 from my friends as opposed to retail stores. It is easier, more convenient and fosters relationships. So why not? 

Whether it’s makeup👄, handbags👜, jewellery💍, candles🕯, kitchen gadgets🍽, or clothes👗, photography📷, art🖌 why not buy from those we know? Or anything else I’m forgetting!!

 I have a lot of friends who have their own businesses. We all have goals that we are trying to reach… paying off bills… saving up for something special…supporting our families as a full time job… Let’s all help each other out!

Let’s bring our businesses to others!

👏Support Small Businesses


What do artists do every day? BBC recorded a series of art documentaries devoted to this very subject a few years ago. I have been watching them on YouTube. I would post a link but I am using my tablet, which is a nightmare in itself. That I got this thing for free is the only redeeming quality….that and that I can use it in bed. 


“You miss more than you experience and that is not so bad” — Martin Brill

Of course you will miss things. There is no point in fretting about choices not taken or the like. Remembering things experienced in a positive light is the experience of a good life.